Sharon Kay: The power of change

Sharon discovered yoga through a deep desire for personal transformation and a refusal to settle on medication as the only solution for addressing health issues. Realizing the importance of connection to spirit for balance and self-healing, she focuses on the breath as an avenue towards union within.

Sharon received her training and certification through the White Lotus Foundation in Santa Barbara with further studies in Therapeutic Yoga and energy healing. Her teaching focuses on creating a sense of calm in a moving meditation, led by the breath to a peaceful place. Specializing in gentle and restorative yoga, each class is led with the intent to inspire a deeper connection and respect for the body’s natural response.

Offering energy work
including Reiki technique and pranic-based methods, Sharon adds to her classes and private sessions the benefits of healing touch.

In addition to group classes and workshops,
she works privately with clients who are healing from injury and illness and those recovering from cancer treatment. Having experienced the many benefits of yoga, Sharon encourages each student or client to find a comfortable path and have compassion and patience in the process of change.

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